What Kind of People Buy Instagram Likes?

Getting Instagram likes is a very tricky business. It is no different or easier than getting likes off Facebook or Youtube. The process involves posting picture after picture until eventually some people like one of them and this is a difficult task to achieve.This can get very tiring which is why many people cave to the temptation of just buying the Instagram likes. When you can get hundreds or even thousands of them for only a few dollars and they are delivered almost instantly, why would you do anything else? But what kind of people buy instant Instagram likes?

For starters, some people buy them because they feel insecure with the amount of likes or followers the really have on the website. It is easy to see why you might feel self concious or inferior if you see hundreds of people doing exactly what you do but they’re getting way more credit for it. However you should not be ashamed of how little likes you have compared to other people and shouldn’t feel pressured into buying them if you don’t really want them. Chances are either the other users you are looking at have been doing this for eons or they too have bought their way to the top. Only buy the likes if you really want to, not because you feel you have to.

Another kind of person who would buy Instagram likes is someone who adores popularity. On a new site it can be rather frustrating when people don’t follow you and flock to you immediately, especially if you are very popular on other sites. This rise from the bottom to the top can be a gruelling process and some people just aren’t willing to wait that long for popularity. Buying likes seems to be the easy way out as not only will it make you look popular anyway, people will be more likely to see and enjoy your work and you may gain natural fans at a much faster rate than you would otherwise. You get popular and everyone wins.

insta-peopleAnother kind of person who would buy Instagram likes is someone who wishes to make a career out of art and or photography. If you want your art or photos to be seen on Instagram you need to become popular. By buying fake likes you can easily achieve popularity incredibly fast which is what your plan should be. That way your art and photography will not be lost in an influx of similar photos as it will look popular enough to gain people’s attention and you may gain a natural following. By gaining a natural following you may gain people who will later wish to purchase or even distribute your art or photography. This will help you grow and develop as an artist and also help put your name out there.

So if you were wondering what kind of people would typically buy Instagram likes, these are the sort of people you might see lining up to get them.